For those who esteem Ernst as Paganini squared, the performances of the violin music by Sherban Lupu, neither heavy handed nor agglutinated, should be irresistible. And for those to whom an evening of technical wizardry may not be so compelling without having the violinist in the room, the addition of the unknown, more intimate, Ernst, may be the very best kind of introduction to his oeuvre. Urgently recommended. Robert Maxham - Issue 43:3 (Jan/Feb 2020) of Fanfare Magazine

Lupu plays this music with the flair of a gypsy and the discipline of a soldier (American Record Guide)

Lupu, deftly and flamboyantly astonishes and bewitches in equal measure… (Gramophone)

...violinist Sherban Lupu is a warm blooded romantic virtuoso; technically outstanding, generous of tone and possessed of the ability to communicate a passionate involvement with the music… (The Strad)

Lupu’s technical control, secure intonation and ready assimilation of the music’s romantic ethos will keep you on the edge of your seat … (International Record Review)

Sherban Lupu’s new recording of Enescu…. no living fiddler plays this music with more authority… (The Independent)

In this delirium of fingers and bow Lupu displays an unimaginable ease… (Diapason)

Much of Bartok’s musical inspiration came from the folk music of Romania and Lupu’s roots serve him well ... Lupu breathes this music. Phrasing is everything it should be and he does’nt miss a nuance where one should be, no matter how seemingly small… (American Record Guide)